EUR 3,000/year
2 years
1 September–30 April and 15 July–15 November

Modern world, modern conflicts

A master’s degree in Conflict and Democracy Studies focuses on the discussion of the variety of potential relationships between democracy (and its quality), authoritarianism, totalitarianism, democratisation, and conflict. You will dive deep into the conflicts of personal freedom versus the security of an individual and society, the role of homeland security in the process of democratisation and how failures in that process can pave the way for totalitarianism.

The programme makes you perceptive and analytical, allowing you to see problems highlighted above from different perspectives. The theoretical knowledge and practical skills you acquire enable you to see the bigger picture, thus preparing you to tackle the contemporary problems and conflicts of the world.

Practical training

Putting emphasis on the practical side of the matter, the programme allows for an optional practical training: a placement in a governmental or non-governmental institution. Masaryk University and the Faculty of Social Studies cooperate closely with a number of partners, letting you choose any placement from a state agency through an NGO to a think-tank to train your skills.

Graduate profile: Call it a ceasefire

Graduating from Conflict and Democracy Studies, you are a trained and skilled expert in the area of international relations and political science which opens doors to many professional paths. You can choose a job as a political analyst or consultant but also researcher or teacher on the subject of your expertise. Your steps may lead towards positions in state administration, political parties, or diplomatic services, as well international organisations including the European Union.


Your application will be evaluated on the basis of your former academic achievements and motivation highlighted in your cover letter, along with other documents you will need to provide the admission office with (a proof of the English language proficiency, recommendation letters, and others).

Don’t worry, you don’t need to come to the Czech Republic during the admission process. Brno will be waiting for you to start your new adventure.

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