EUR 3,000/year
3 years
1 September–15 April and 15 July–15 November

Study the importance of the media in politics

A bachelor’s degree in Politics, Media, and Communication at the Faculty of Social Studies focuses on the interplay among politics, the media, and society by synthesizing approaches of comparative political science, political theory, and research on political behaviour and approaches from the research of the media publics, the study of new media, and mass communication and its effects.

While not obligatory, you can apply for 50 hours of field practical training under professional supervision.

Graduate profile: All those public relations

Graduating from the programme, you will have sufficient knowledge and skills to study a master-level programme in the field of media or political science.

Besides further education, you can work as an independent expert in media houses, PR agencies, or public administration, or pursue a career as media or communications analyst for a wide range of employers, including international organisations, NGOs, political bodies, and more.


The admission procedure for the bachelor-level programmes at the Masaryk’s Faculty of Social Studies requires submission of the e-application, proof of English language, and online entrance exam. Multiple dates throughout the admission period are provided, however students can only take the exam once.

And don’t worry, you don’t need to come to Brno for your admission procedure. The Czech Republic will be waiting for you to start your new adventure after admission.

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