Long-cycle master’s
EUR 7,000/year
5 years
1 December–31 August

Suit up, it’s the lab time!

A long-cycle master’s degree in Pharmacy will prepare you for one of the most exciting medical professions – a pharmacist. You will gain extensive knowledge and skills with preparation and production of drugs, evaluation and analysis of their properties.

You will earn expertise in pharmacology and pharmacotherapy, but also practical skills and experience regarding legal, ethical, and economic side of the profession, along with techniques of disposal of biological substances, cooperation with other medical professionals, and everything else to get you ready for a career in pharmacy.

Practical training

Pharmaceutical science is a practical discipline, hence it is no wonder that the programme’s integral parts are two phases of practical training. The first part comes during your third year as a 2-week practice in a pharmacy, experiencing the pharmacist’s work day hands-on.

The second part consists of a 6 months long pharmacy internship undergone during your last semester. At least 2 weeks out of mandatory practical training need to be done in the Czech Republic, while the rest is up to you.

You can do more than that, though. During your pharmacy studies, you can go for a number of other internships in Czechia, Europe, or any other continent, opting either for a pharmacy or a pharmaceutical company according to your interest.

Graduate profile: Find the cure

Graduating from pharmaceutical science at Masaryk’s Faculty of Pharmacy, you can choose from a myriad of career paths. Are you inclined more towards the classic pharmacist work? You can get a job at any pharmacy or hospital. Is it the research and development of drugs that interests you? Become a bioanalyst or researcher in any laboratory – from pharmaceutical through cosmetic to food industry – or continue your research in an innovation centre or during doctoral studies. The choice is yours.


To be accepted for a master’s degree in Pharmacy at Masaryk University’s Faculty of Pharmacy, you need to submit a number of documents and pass the entrance exam.

The required documents to provide the admission office with are a proof of finished secondary education and your CV, along with the e-application and a paid fee. There is no proof of your English language proficiency required but keep in mind that the whole programme’s language is English, therefore knowing the language is crucial.

The entrance exam consists of separate biology and chemistry tests, 40 questions each. The exam can be done once per admission procedure and it is held online – don’t worry, you don’t need to come to Brno for your admission procedure. The Czech Republic will be waiting for you to start your new adventure after admission.

Excited to study pharmaceutical science in Brno, Central Europe? Then apply!

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