EUR 3,000/year
2 years
15 June–15 October and 15 December–15 April

Master the software

A master's degree in Software Systems and Services Management at Masaryk’s Faculty of Informatics provides you with the skill set and knowledge of a software developer and manager, with a special focus on strategic and operational management regarding targeting, design, implementation, and operation.

Stressing the importance of the practical side during the studies of computer science, 600 hours of internship are obligatory part of the programme.

Beyond the code

The programme goes beyond teaching the theoretical and technological sides of software development, including also project and process management, communication, and other soft skills, as well as other practical necessities important to your future career, such as law or the basics of marketing.

Choose your specialty

There is no single road to go when dealing with software and services management. It is up to you to choose one of the three specialisations the programme offers to set the direction your future career will be heading.

You can choose the path of Cybersecurity Management, delving deep into the areas of computer data processing beyond the well-defined perimeters (such as critical infrastructure impact), enriching your knowledge with the multidisciplinary overlap of technological, social, and legal sides of cybersecurity.

If you go with Services Development Management, you will follow the contemporary trend in shifting from product-based to service-based economy. With the importance of designing software as a service, you will get both the technological expertise (programming, databases, computer security, networks) and the skills and know-how to understand and solve problems on a higher level (finance, law, communication).

You might find out, though, that what you really want is Software Systems Development Management, a specialisation focused on software engineering and management of all the stages of development. In that case, you will master analysing the system requirements, as well as its design, implementation, and deployment.

Graduate profile: You got it all

Mastering software development from the technological point of view gives you the opportunity to find work in any company, organisation, or a team of developers but thanks to the programme’s management and business-related side, the advantage at the labour market is yours, opening doors to not only managerial positions (risk, cybersecurity, or project manager, CIO) in other people’s companies, but also to your own business should you want to head that way.


A master’s degree in Software Systems and Services Management at Masaryk’s Faculty of Informatics has two rounds of admission procedure.

The first thing upon submitting your application is to provide the admission office with a number of required documents (your CV and a cover letter, two recommendation letters, a proof of your English language proficiency, and a few more).

The second round is an entrance exam – unless you are eligible for a waiver (see more info below for details), in which case you do not need to sit the exam. And don’t worry, you don’t need to come to Brno for your admission procedure. The Czech Republic will be waiting for you to start your new adventure after admission.

Excited to study computer and software systems in Brno, Central Europe? Go for it and apply for Masaryk University. For more details, just see the contacts below or click the button to learn more.

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