EUR 3,500/year
2 years
15 December–15 April and 15 June–15 October

Money talks everywhere

A master’s degree in Economics will equip you with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills and abilities to master the world of economics – with a special focus of the programme being the area of transport economics.

The studies will prepare you for everything your future career might try to surprise you with, from quantitative methods of research to econometrics. It’s not called a master in economics for nothing, you know.

A focused sandbox

From microeconomics to macroeconomics, you will study and practice multiple economic disciplines (with several subjects being specifically aimed at the transport industry, such as Economics of Transition and European Rail Policy) that you will be able to apply on local, national, and international scales.

The programme’s focus does not hinder you in pursuing your own specialty and choosing your own path and career interests.

Graduate profile: They count on you

Money talks everywhere, there’s no denying that. Graduating from Economics at Masaryk, you will be a valuable asset to any private or public company, institution, or corporation whether they would seek theoretical or practical economic expertise to manage, calculate, or analyse.

From quantitative methods to industrial organisation, you can employ your abilities in any institution that seeks a professional and skilled analyst, policy maker, or project manager. Since the programme improves your presentation and writing skills as well, you can also walk the path of economic journalism.

Interested more in research? Continue your academic path with one of the doctoral programmes right at Masaryk.


To be accepted for a master’s degree at the Faculty of Economics and Administration, you need to provide the admission office with a number of required documents, including your CV, the proof of the English language proficiency, a statement of purpose detailing your motivation to study the programme, and a few others.

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