EUR 3,500/year
3 years
15 December–15 April and 15 June–15 October

Understand the processes of public finance

Do you want to better understand the complexity of the government and the public sector which influence your life from the day you are born? Do you want to know more about related decision-making and alternatives of public service delivery, and to become familiar with the most recent developments which you can use to think more systematically and critically about the current developments in the public sector of your home country?

The main aim of the suggested programme is to provide students with multidisciplinary theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are necessary for understanding basic economic concepts and specifics and complexity of public policy and decision-making in the public sector, and for analytical thinking and using the theoretical concepts in dealing with socio-economic problems in practice.

The programme is intended for anyone who wants to understand the relationships between the public and private sectors. Students will be introduced to the theoretical concepts related to economics, economic policy, public administration, and public policy and will be encouraged to employ them and think critically. They will also be provided with knowledge on relevant decision-making and evaluation methods and tools. You can even tune-up your CV with the European Association for Public Administration Accreditation (EAPAA) that the programme offers.

We encourage our students to spend a semester abroad to widen their horizons. Find the best business practices abroad and get ahead of your competition. The Faculty of Economics and Administration also offers study programmes in cooperation with University of Huddersfield (UK).

Graduate profile

As a graduate of the program you will obtain competences that will help you pursue a future career in the public sector. You will be qualified to apply for economic and administrative positions in public administration and public sector organizations (including international organizations) where employees are required to understand the complexity of the public sector and the necessity to approach it critically also from the economic perspective. This program can also help you if you intend to pursue your career in the private sector, especially in organizations that are connected to the public sector (such as NGOs or consulting organizations).


Our Bachelor's degree programmes are open to students who successfully finished secondary school education. Applicants must have a good command of the English language.

For the application process, an applicant needs to attach the following documents to the e-application: complete e-application form – online in Masaryk University Information System, personal data form, certified copy of a Secondary School-Leaving Certificate and final transcripts of records, statement of purpose, English Language Certification, essay on a chosen topic. All application materials must be in English or Czech.

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