EUR 1,250/year
2 years
1 January–30 April and 1 June–30 September

Understand the visual world

Master’s degree in Visual Cultures and Art History encompasses both theoretical and practical analysis of art and other forms of visual culture and communication. Being more than a simple art history course, the programme guides you through the history and contemporary development of topics related to visual culture.

To delve deep into iconography, style, aesthetics, and other art history disciplines, the programme combines theoretical lectures with practical, investigative courses in labs designed specifically for humanities experimentation. All teaching, coursework, exams, and student output is in the English language.

Cultures unbound

Studying art history in the Czech Republic, Central Europe, gives you a unique and perfect starting point to explore the whole of the continent, as the city of Brno lies between Prague and Vienna, the cultural and art hubs of Europe.

Get ready to focus primarily on Mediterranean, Caucasian, and Euro-American art and visual cultures as those are the main points of interest of the programme. That doesn’t mean, however, that you are not encouraged to find your own path and specialisation.

Masaryk University’s Faculty of Arts provokes critical and individual thinking throughout all of its programmes but what better place to be critical than when you are a future art historian, right?

Graduate profile: State-of-the-art

Upon graduating, you will have a complex understanding of visual culture, art history and development, as well as deep knowledge of premodern and modern material and visual cultures and their roles in society.

Mastering art history opens the door for you to any gallery, museum, media company, or publishing house, spending your days with policymaking, curatorship, content creation, or cultural mediation. And if you will find yourself keen on broadening your horizons with further research, the programme makes you ready for pursuing a PhD.


The admission process for Visual Cultures and Art History at Masaryk has two rounds. In the first round, you are asked to provide the admission office with a number of documents including the proof of your prior bachelor-level studies in a related field along with your diploma thesis, and a letter covering your motivation for studies.

Upon the evaluation of submitted documents, you may be invited for the second round: an online interview.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to come to the Czech Republic during the admission process. Brno will be waiting for you to start your new adventure.

Excited to study art history in Central Europe, the cradle of art and culture? Then apply and start your next adventure! For detailed information, just see the contacts below or click the button to learn more.

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