EUR 3,000/year
2 years
1 January–30 April and 1 June–30 September

From Canada to the Caribbean

A master’s degree in North-American Culture Studies combines literary, language, and cultural studies regarding the territories of Canada, the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The English language is a compulsory part of the programme but it is up to you to choose either the French or Spanish module to add to your mix.

Studying the area of North America in Brno, Central Europe, gives you a unique perspective and opportunity to master the English, along with either Spanish or French language, culture, and contemporary topics of the areas without the direct influence of theirs, under the guidance of experts on the field.

French or Spanish?

Dijon mustard or guacamole, that is the question. Both modules cover a variety of topics from the Spanish or French language, linguistics, literature, theatre, or film. While the Spanish module focuses primarily on California, Mexico, and countries of Central America, the French one takes you to Québec, Louisiana, or New England.

Whichever way you decide to go, have no fear – you can always pick extra courses from the other module to broaden your horizons.

Graduate profile: More than a linguist

The programme is covered by Masaryk’s Department of English and American Studies – you guessed it right, the main focus is the language, with you mastering not only the English language and literature but also either French or Spanish. Being bi- to trilingual never hurts, right?

But studying at Masaryk University’s Faculty of Arts is not all language and literature. During your studies, you will tackle the topics of otherness, diversity, migration, ethnicity, and other linguistic and cultural phenomena that shape the world of today.


Master's degree in North American Culture Studies has two rounds of the admission procedure.

In the first round, you are asked to provide the admission office with a number of documents including the proof of your prior bachelor-level studies in a related field along with your diploma thesis, and a letter covering your motivation for studies.

Upon the evaluation of submitted documents, you may be invited for the second round: an online interview.

And don’t worry, you don’t need to come to Brno for your admission procedure. The Czech Republic will be waiting for you to start your new adventure after admission.

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