EUR 1,500/year
2 years
1 January–30 April and 1 June–30 September

Have a class with classical studies

Latin prose, poetry, and non-literary texts had been forming the culture and civilization of Europe, and therefore the world, for a thousand years. The programme provided by the Department of Classical Studies at Masaryk University, will equip not only with the knowledge of the Latin language as such, but also the wide range of texts and genres written in Latin from antiquity throughout the Middle Ages.

Read the works of the old, analyse the structure and find the hidden meanings behind classical and medieval literature and their authors. Why did they write what they did? What were their world-view and opinions, and how these influenced the world as we know it today? You will find answers to all of these questions.

Czech as a bonus

Studying this programme, you are entitled to two semesters of Czech for Foreigners course – completely free of charge! The course is not obligatory but studying books, language, and culture, it is quite certain learning Czech might come in handy. Not to mention that you will be living in the Czech Republic, right?

Graduate profile: Cultural powerhouse

Graduating from Medieval Latin Language and Literature at Masaryk’s Faculty of Arts opens the world of cultural institutions, academia, and media to you. Gaining expertise in literary, linguistic, and historical analysis of medieval texts and the society, you will be the person they will call for research, insight, or even translation.

When the books, texts, and relics of the old are your thing, you can find your purpose in museums, libraries, or archives, or pursue a career in humanities-oriented research institutions, universities, and science academies.

With analytical and rhetoric skills gained throughout your studies, you can also pursue career as a language teacher or a specialist in a publishing house, TV, or radio.

Earning a master’s degree in Medieval Latin Language and Literature will fully equip you with skills to further delve into the research of the area of language and culture, allowing you to pursue a doctoral degree.


Master’s degree in Medieval Latin Language and Literature at Masaryk is open to students holding a bachelor’s degree in the field related to the Latin language studies. The admission procedure consists of two rounds.

Within the first round, you need to provide the admission office with required documents, including a letter of recommendation, a statement of purpose detailing your motivation for studies, a CV, and a transcript of records from previous studies. Since a command of English is necessary, proof of your English language proficiency can help you in the admission process.

Upon the evaluation of the documents, you may be invited for the second round: an online interview where your competency in Latin and knowledge of the area will be evaluated. Your overall score in the admission process will be based on your skills and knowledge and submitted documents.

And don’t worry, you don’t need to come to the Czech Republic for your admission procedure. Brno will be waiting for you to start your new adventure.

Excited to study Medieval Latin Language and Literature in the heart of Europe? All you need to do is apply. For detailed information, just see the contacts below or click the button to learn more.

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