EUR 3,000/year
3 years
1 January–30 April

Four disciplines, one love

A bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature at Masaryk University is all you could imagine under a major in English – and more. Exploring the English-speaking countries in America, Europe and thanks to the Commonwealth, the rest of the world, the programme focuses on four main areas: language competence, linguistics and translation, literature, and culture.

While there are mandatory courses like Introduction to Linguistics or English Literature of the Middle Ages, you are encouraged to find your own specialisation. Do you see yourself translating literature or delving into sociolinguistics? Are you interested in the cultural implications Tolkien hid in his works and how they were adapted in the LOTR movies? The focus is yours to choose with a colourful palette of electives.

A family of professionals

Linguistics from seasoned linguists, American television culture from Americans, Shakespeare from Brits. During your studies, you will be guided by experts in the field but your role will be more than to listen and learn.

Your voice is appreciated and will be heard by both your teachers and classmates, as the programme encourages critical thinking and individual ideas.

Studying at the Department of English and American Studies at MU’s Faculty of Arts is a warm hug. There are plenty of extracurricular activities you can pick from and since the department is not enormous, you will get to know everyone very quickly – something you will appreciate not only when getting familiar with the university but also Brno, the 6th most popular student city in the world.

Graduate profile: Pen is mightier

Graduating in English at Masaryk means that you are really good with words. It also means that you know the English-speaking culture through and through and have a strong critical thinking skill.

Your possibilities are nearly endless, whether you choose to work as a txwranslator, editor, journalist, copywriter, tourist guide, English teacher, or communications expert. Knowing the language means knowing it all. And never forget that you can always pursue a master’s programme in the same field at Masaryk.


Bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature has two rounds of the admission procedure.

In the first one, you need to submit a number of required documents to the admission office, such as the certificate of your secondary education, a proof of your English language proficiency, a statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, and more.

When your documents are evaluated, you may be invited for the second round: an online interview. Don’t worry, you don’t need to come to Brno for your admission procedure. The Czech Republic will be waiting for you to start your new adventure after admission.

Are you ready to study English Language and Literature in Brno, Czech Republic, called the heart of Europe? Go for it! For detailed information, just see the contacts below or click the button to learn more.

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