EUR 3,000/year
3 years
1 January–30 April

Grasp the culture of today

An interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree in Culture, Media and Performative Arts combines theatre studies, film studies, and new media to give you a unique, critical view of the cultural sphere and creative industry of Central Europe, the birthplace and a vital player of the world’s culture.

Experts and scholars from varied departments of the creative industry and academia will guide you through four primary fields of study: cultural anthropology, film studies, theatre studies, and new media, introducing you to the cultural sphere as a whole.

Learn about film production and distribution, the history and current state of theatre, the scope and methods of cultural anthropology, and the workings of the new media, audiovisual technologies, communication, and their influence on society.

The best place for exploration

Masaryk University is at home in Brno, a city not only strategically located between Prague and Vienna – cultural hubs of Europe – but also the second largest city in the Czech Republic, the heart of Europe. This makes Brno perfectly suitable for your studies and research in new media, film, and theatre.

Graduate profile: New media are yours

Upon graduation from Culture, Media and Performative Arts, you will be equipped with knowledge and experience with the history and contemporary state of theatre, film, and art industries, their practices and mechanics behind their work.

That gives you not only the most solid ground to pursue a career in the creative industry, such as film productions, theatres, or media companies, but also prepares you for further studies of film, culture, media, theatre, or cultural anthropology.


Bachelor’s degree in Culture, Media and Performative Arts has an admission procedure divided into two rounds.

In the first round, you need to submit a number of documents to the admission office, such as the certificate of your secondary education, a proof of your English language proficiency, a statement of purpose, and an essay on a chosen topic related to media.

When your documents are evaluated, you may be invited for the second round: an online interview. No worries, you don’t need to come to Brno for any round of the admission process. The Czech Republic will be waiting for you to start your studies.

Are you ready to study Culture, Media and Performative Arts of Central Europe in Brno, Czech Republic? Go for it! For detailed information, just see the contacts below or click the button to learn more.

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